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"I bought my first set of pads from Peter last summer, we had a small problem because we did not have them installed in our brand new Mustang seat, because since the seat was new it would be better to have the pads on top, and get the benefit of having the new foam that came with the seat along with the Butt Buffer pads to go on top of all of that should make a great ride. Not so it would not slide along with us, and made only a slight difference. So I contacted Peter after Christmas time and ask if he will still insert my pads into my new Mustang seat...He said no problem, he gave me a very fair price, I sent my seat & my pads to him along with a check, and in 6 days start to finish I had my seat back and ready to install it on my bike...I looked it over good several times and could not believe the difference, it was so soft but sturdy, I had the drivers & rear seat done at the same time.. Peter did the most excellent job of anybody or any products that I have seen up to this very date...Thanks so much for giving us our longer rides back. Because we were having to stay home because we could not take some of the week end & week long trips that everybody has been making.."09" will be a  Completely different year this time around because of the Butt Buffer and having it installed by a professional...Thank You so much!"

Tom & Carol from Dayton, Ohio


"My wife and I recently purchased 2 butt buffers for our bikes – she rides a Yamaha V-Star 1100 and I ride a HD Deuce and we both have stock factory seats. Our normal tours consist of 100 - 200 miles per outing and require several butt breaks during any trip – Over a 100 miles and the breaks would become more frequent and longer in duration.

 Two weeks ago we headed for the hill country to try the Butt Buffers we had purchased on a 180 mile trip – we wanted to try them by placing them on top of our factory seats to see if they worked before we spent the extra money to get them installed in the seats.  Simply stated “the product works”  We found that it extended the time between breaks and more important for us, the discomfort was not as intense as before and it didn’t take nearly as long for us to feel like we were rested enough to hit the road again.  We both felt much better and less worn out after an all day trip.  In fact my wife now wants to go on some multi-day trips without coming to a home base at the end of each day.  We are pleased enough with the product that we will have the Butt Buffer installed in our factory stock seats using the custom installation services."


Dallas, TX.


"Hey Peter,
Our ride home from your shop on Sunday was great. What a difference......we rode straight home, about 2 hrs. 15 mins., and were amazed at how comfortable we were. No soreness or numbness, and it even seems like the bike handles a little better with both of us sitting a little lower. Not to mention the advantage of being able to get both feet on the ground! Thanks also for the use of your truck......that was very cool. (NICE truck!) We'll definitely recommend ButtBuffer to all of our friends and acquaintances, and if we can ever provide a reference we'll be glad to."

     Bart & Melinda

"I am impressed with your Butt Buffer, to say the least. I've put 700 miles on it so far, and it has worked and felt great. I have passed the info along to a friend and he has ordered one for his Harley."
     -Mike Uszuko
      Albuquerque, New Mexico

"In May of 1998 at the Rider rally in Ky, you installed a polymer Butt Buffer pad in my Harley sportster seat. Prior to the Butt Buffer pad I had to stay off the rough back roads. Now I can ride any place, on any roads, and for two or three times longer than before without hurting. This is the best investment I ever made on my bike!"
     -R. Schmook
      Evensville, Indiana

"My friends and I rode to the Sturgis Rally and Races in Sturgis, S.D. We made the 1300 mile ride and needless to say our butts, backs, and other spots were very sore. My buddy and I stopped by your booth and decided to purchase a Butt Buffer. On the ride back to Tennessee we about rode everyone else to death. They would be ready to take a break, but we would still be ready to ride. Man, I can't believe the Butt Buffer. It made such a difference in the ride"
     -David - TN

"The seat looks and feels great. I can actually sit with my feet flat on the ground. It even looks better than stock and the turn around time is incredible. Great Job."
     - Bobee Lou

"We recently purchased Butt Buffers for myself and my wife at Myrtle Beach. They really made the ride back to West Virginia more comfortable. The more you ride on them, the better they feel."
     -Steve & Lisa
      West Virginia

"You did my first seat on my Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic. I had ridden from Panama City to Daytona, a 7 hour ride. I met you and was impressed by sitting on the bundle of keys on your demo seat. You installed the pad in my seat, plus I got a pair of shoe insoles. My rearend and feet got instant relief. My ride back to Panama City was great. No pain whatsoever. Thank you, this is now the third seat I'm having done."
     -Allen Wood
      Panama City

"I found it very comforting to use during my long trip back from, NC. I left Asheville, NC riding my Honda Shadow at 10:00pm est. on Sunday June 25th. I drove straight back to Frisco, TX, 1098 miles, only stopping for fuel, a quick cup of coffee and to occasionally eat. I arrived home on Monday, June 26th at 5:00 est. During this long trip, not once did I experience any discomfort to my butt. My only regret is that I did not have the Butt Buffer when I began my ride from Frisco to Asheville. Due to this experience, I am sold on your product and will not hesitate to purchase more sets for my future motorcycles. I found the Butt Buffer to be a good investment that adds the tremendous comfort while riding and it will forever be part of my motorcycle."
     - Wayne
      Frisco, TX