Seat too narrow?

Try our full size (13.5 inch) portable passenger seat.

A comfort concept so unique that it’s Patented

It incorporates all the comfort benefits of hi-density closed cell cushioning and a concave ergonomic shape that provides firm and correct support for the posterior and lower back.

You’ll see why it has earned the name

“the thousand mile seat”!








‘’How do you clean your bike without one?’’

A CenterStand lift is the easiest way to clean and service your bike. It allows one person to quickly and easily raise the front or rear wheel for easy cleaning and service. After you master the use of it you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

It lifts the front and the rear of most bikes


  • Fits under the lowest bikes
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Powder-coat black paint
  • Reinforced Rubber Frame Guard protects bikes paint
  • Handle bolts on for stable secure feel
  • Compact design for balance and easy use
  • Designed to clear saddlebags and crash bars on Baggers
  • Heavy-duty Hand Grip for Comfort
  • Designed to last a lifetime

Price: $119.95

Don't settle for cheap imitations!

We perfected the flip-up stand and the CenterStand™ is still the best and easiest to use.



Seat Accessories

Rain/Heat Shield
By the time you read this, we’ll have them. They just weren’t ready in time for a photo. “They” are a rain/heat shield to cover your seat. Use it in the sun to keep your seat form turning into a hotplate when you’re not on it. Use it in the rain to keep both your seat and your Butt Buffer dry. Not only can you use it when the bikes stationary, but it’s designed so you can sit on when you’re riding in the rain.

CUSTOM Seat Covers


Want something really unique?



How about a custom designed logo or name embroidered onto your seat’s cover? You can pick from literally thousands of stock designs or you design it and we’ll do the rest. Call for details.


Need something other then our standard quilted cover? How about a spider web, Maltese cross, Confederate flag or the POW-MIA logo? They’re all now available. The spider web and Maltese cross are available in the P-Pad through large. The flag and POW-MIA are available in small through large.

Need to get a little closer to the ground? (Or the sky?) Or maybe a little closer to those forward controls? Need a seat cover replaced? These are all things we can do.